Hidden in Plain Sight

This week we continue in Genesis where Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to get more grain. There they encounter their brother who they left for dead… only they don’t know it’s their brother! Wild. In these chapters we see God test the sons of Jacob in unexpected ways, ultimately to ensure their hearts are aligned with His. 

God gives Joseph the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams and God gives Kate Miner lyrical interpretations. Check out this week’s video!

Monday, March 23 –  Genesis 42:35-38

Key Points:

  • Joseph gave his brothers food but did not accept payment.
  • “All these things are against me” – At this point Jacob believed Joseph was dead, Simeon was gone and, now, they wanted to take his youngest son, Benjamin.
  • Rueben(the eldest son who should have received the birthright) offered to sacrifice his two sons if he didn’t come back with Benjamin. This is a dramatic offer and does not really help anyone. 
  • Jacob refused to let Benjamin go to Egypt. He did not want to risk losing any more of his sons. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Verse 36 says “they were afraid” – what do you think they were afraid of? 
  • Jacob felt like a lot of things were going wrong in his life, but God was still working things together for His glory. Have you ever felt like Jacob? 

Tuesday, March 24 – Genesis 43:1-14

Key Points:

  • In this passage Jacob is referred to by the name God gave him, “Israel.” The Bible uses this name when he is acting as a God-fearing man and the name  “Jacob” when his actions align more with the ways of the world. 
  • Jacob asked his sons to go back to Egypt for more food. Joseph knew the famine would last seven years, but Jacob did not.  If I were to guess, Jacob was praying for God to end the famine and felt like God was not hearing his prayers. 
  • Judah spoke up and explained why they needed to bring Benjamin and was willing to sacrifice his life for Benjamin’s. In the past, Judah was not a leader. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Jacob approached this situation with cautiousness but also a sense of self-pity. Can you think of a time where it was easier to focus on the bad than the good? 
  • God is in the details! Jacob instructed the brothers to take double the amount of money they needed -the equals 20 pieces of silver which was the exact amount of money they sold Joseph for. Look for God in the small things today – write it down so you don’t forget and share it with your parents at the end of the day. 

Wednesday, March 25 – Genesis 43:15-34

Key Points:

  • The brothers were confused and skeptical as to why a powerful Egpytian man would want to dine with them. 
  • Joseph cried when he met Benjamin – Benjamin was his only full brother(same mom and dad). Remember, Rachel and Leah had a lot of competition as to who could give Jacob the most children.
  • Joseph sat the brothers in their birth order and gave favor to Benjamin. There is no way this happened by accident!
  • Joseph gave Benjamin fives times the amount of food. Perhaps Joseph did this to test his brothers and see their reaction. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Joseph represents Jesus in a few ways. 1. He wanted to have a meal with his brothers – he wants to eat us and have a personal relationship with us. 2. He washed their feet just like Jesus washes the disciples feet. 3. He gave them water just like Jesus did for the Samaritan woman.  What would it be like to eat with Jesus?

Thursday, March 26 – Genesis 44:1-13

Key Points:

  • Joseph was testing his brothers to see if their hearts had changed. This may seem misguided at first, but he was doing this with pure intentions.
  • The brothers’ reaction to Benjamin possessing the cup and,therefore, becoming a slave suggested their hearts had changed. They tore off their clothes, which was customary if someone died. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Joseph was testing them to see if they would react differently to Benjamin being sold into slavery than they did when he was sold into slavery – and they did! If we have a relationship with God, people should see the fruits of that in our lives. What is different about you because you know Jesus?
  • Do you have a sibling(s)? What are some ways you have their back? 

Friday, March 27- Genesis 44:14-34

Key Points:

  • The brothers all returned to Egypt with Benjamin and pleaded for his release. They were willing to become slaves with Benjamin if his release was not granted. 
  • Judah gave a moving speech where he asked Joseph to let him take the place of Benjamin. 20 years ago Judah would not have cared how his father felt if he didn’t return with his brother. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • While the brothers did not take the silver cup, they were guilty of leaving Joseph in the pit for dead. God dealt with their sin in a different time and different way than we would have imagined in our own minds. God’s ways are often radically different than we expect them to be. Can you find three Bible verses that prove that?! 

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