With God Everything Is Possible


We are following Munger’s Bible reading plan and moving along in the amazing story of Joseph. Now with most of us at home, you really have no excuse for not reading along!

As a fun bonus, we are adding a song (a Kate Miner original), coloring pages and couple other activities to make things more fun.

When Joseph was sold into slavery he was only 17 years old and by the age of 30 he was living as one of the most important men in Egypt. At the beginning of Joseph’s story his life looked bleak, but remember that with God nothing is impossible.

Monday March 16th, Genesis 41:41-45

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • Pharaoh gave Joseph a special ring, jewels and fancy robes. He also let him ride in a chariot (which was a really big deal). People were excited to see him. There was no question that Joseph was trusted by Pharaoh, which is why he was put in charge. Joseph was also given a wife.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • What do you think made Pharaoh trust Joseph so completely that he put him in charge of the whole country of Egypt?

Tuesday March 17th, Genesis 41:46-57

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • Do you remember Pharaoh’s dream about the cows? Joseph understood those dreams and made some smart decisions. He knew that when times are good, you shouldn’t just spend everything you have.  Rather, it’s best to prepare for the unknown future.
  • Because Joseph told Pharaoh to store up food during good harvests, Egyptians had enough to eat during famine.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • Joseph had two sons at this time. People used to put a lot of thought into what to name their children. Each name carried an important meaning to them. Do you know what your name means? Do you know why your parents chose your name?

Wednesday March 18th, Genesis 42:1-17

Today’s Takeaways: 

  • When the famine hit Palestine, Jacob heard about all the food in Egypt.  He decided to send all but one of his sons to get some food and bring it back.
  • When Joseph’s brothers met with Joseph, he recognized them right away.  But they didn’t recognize him at all because he looked like an Egyptian and even spoke Egyptian.

Today’s Talking Points:

  • Joseph remembered his dreams and asked for the last brother to be brought to Egypt. Why do you think he did that? Why didn’t he immediately reveal himself to his brothers?

Thursday March 19th, Genesis 42:18-28

 Today’s Takeaways:

  • After three days Joseph changes his mind and decides to let all but one brother go and give them enough grain to feed their households.
  • When the brothers head home they realize that their money was returned. They are super afraid that they’ll be accused of stealing.

Today’s Talking Points: 

  • Joseph uses an interpreter when addressing his brothers, so when they are chatting among themselves in their own language they don’t realize he can understand them. Reuben suggests all this is happening to them because of what they did to Joseph. Reuben feels bad, but is there anything else he could have or should have done to prevent all of this?

Friday March 20th, Genesis 42:29-34

Today’s Takeaways:

  • The brothers return to their father Jacob’s house and tell him about their interaction with the powerful Egyptian. (Remember, they still don’t know it’s Joseph.)

Today’s Talking Points:

  • The brothers are pretty offended by the way Joseph spoke to them. They claim to be honest men. But, of course, they’ve been lying to their dad for years.  Have you ever lied about something important?  How did you feel about that?





Joseph kids crafts




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