Dream On!

This week is all about dreams and how God used Joseph to interpret those dreams. God speaks to us in different ways – we don’t usually think of dreams as one of them. Because of Joseph’s 100% reliance on God, he was able to successfully communicate God’s message through the three dreams we hear about this week. 

Monday, March 9: Genesis 39:7-23

Key Points:

  • Pontiphar’s wife tries to tempt Joseph repeatedly or “day by day” and Joseph does not sin.
  • Pontiphar’s wife falsely accuses Joseph. Through context clues, we can tell that Pontiphar might not have found his wife’s account credible or else he would have sentenced Joseph to death. Instead, he sent him to jail. 
  • The scripture tells us that even when Joseph was in jail, “The Lord was with him.” God is with us wherever we go! 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Joseph’s life looks far from desirable from the outside. His brothers left him in a pit, he was sold into salvery and now he is in prison. But, God, still had a great purpose for him. Is there a situation in your life that God has used for good that surprised you?

Tuesday, March 10: Genesis 40:1-5

Key Points:

  • Today’s reading is short and sweet. The cupbearer refers to the person who serves Pharaoh his wine and the baker is the person who serves him food. 
  • They “offended” their master –  likely a plot to kill him through poisoning his food
  • Joseph was assigned to look after the men – like we were told in yesterday’s story, Joseph still held authority and respect in the prison. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Joseph managed to make the bad situation of being put in prison the best it could be. He looked after the needs of others. Putting others first shows we trust God with our life and not ourselves and our efforts. 

Wednesday, March 11: Genesis: 40:6-23

Key Points:

  • The cupbearer and the baker had dreams that Joseph, with the help of God, was able to interpret. 
  • The fate for these men was very different. Joseph was correctly able to interpret what the dreams meant and he had a three-day time span to be proven wrong. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Joseph asked the cupbearer to remember him when he returns to Pharaoh, but the cupbearer forgets. How defeating is that? Sometimes God does not answer our prayers in the way we think He should 

Thursday, March 12: Genesis 41: 1:-14

Key Points:

  • It has been two years since Joseph interpreted the cupbearer’s dream and he is still in prison. 
  • Pharaoh has two dreams – what are the similarities you see in the dreams? 
  • After two years, the cupbearer finally remembers Joseph and he is summoned to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • It took a while for the cupbearer to remember Joseph, but because Joseph was still in prison, they knew exactly where to find him. God used a less than ideal situation for His good. 
  • Once Pharoah sent for Joseph, he was “quickly brought from the dungeon” – can you imagine waiting in a dungeon for years then swiftly leaving? God’s plan can come together super quickly. 

Friday, March 13: Genesis 41: 15-40

Key Points:

  • Pharaoh asks Joseph to interpret his dreams. Joseph rightly says that God working through him is the only way he can interpret the dreams. 
  • Pharaoh retells his dreams to Joseph with a little more detail. Joseph interprets the dreams correctly and then gives Pharaoh advice on what to do. 
  • Pharaoh sees Joseph’s gifts and appoints him to second in the kingdom. 

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Not only does Joseph interpret Pharaoh’s dream, he also gives some solutions. This is practical wisdom. Joseph takes the knowledge God has shown him and generates meaningful solutions. 
  • God gives Pharaoh the dream twice to convey a sense of urgency. Sometimes God is very clear in what He wants from us if we are listening. 

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