Here I Am!

hand raised

We now have two elementary lessons per week as our curriculum evolves. There is a Kindergarten lesson – which is a year-long walk through Genesis, and an older elementary lesson, which walks them through the history of the Israelites. We’ll tap into each throughout the year, but for today, we’re looking at the older elementary version.

You’ve heard of Moses, right? “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” You may have even seen Prince of Egypt or The 10 Commandments – depending on your generation.

There are tons of stories from Moses’ life and we’re looking at several, but this week, we’re learning about his calling.

Moses is wandering, aimlessly in the desert and he stumbles upon a bush that is burning but not being consumed by the fire. Obviously, this is a miracle.  And then God speaks out of the bush – an even bigger miracle.

But here’s what I love – when God speaks, Moses’ response is, “Here I am.” This is a response that a number of people throughout Scripture use. I think it is a beautiful picture of openness and a clear sign that, “I’m listening.” The key there, though, is you actually have to be listening…and open.

God calls Moses to do something terrifying. He initially balks but eventually submits.

Have you heard your calling? Are you listening? Are you open? (Note: these are not easy questions.)

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