Always Prepared


A couple of the readings this week are all about being prepared. Children know what that means and it’s always helpful to relate reading to their everyday lives or tasks.

Every night my kids and I get out their school clothes and put their backpack by the door.  I put together their lunch and water bottles. I do the same with my clothes and work bag. This all gives me sense of calm and knowledge I have done everything I can to start of the new day right.

Reading God’s word and spending time in prayer every day provides me with the same sense of calm and preparation. We don’t know when Jesus is coming back, it will be a perfect timing in God’s eyes, and all we can do is study his word and live by his commands.

Mon. Sept 2: Luke 12:35-48

Today’s Takeaways:

  • We need to always be ready for when Jesus comes back because no one knows when it will happen.
  • The way to do that is to do our best to follow God’s commands all the time. If we’re acting rightly, we don’t need to worry about the time Jesus comes because we’ll be ready.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • In verse 39 Jesus says that if you know exactly when a robber is coming, you won’t let him into your house. Nobody just lets someone take their stuff!!  But we let people influence our actions all the time – and that’s just letting them take our characters and morals.  How do you sometimes let people influence you?  What can you do about it?


Tues. Sept 3: Luke 12:49-59

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Jesus says he came to bring fire and division – this is a hard teaching. But remember John the Baptist said in Luke 3:16 that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.
  • Jesus wants peace on earth, but he knows that believing in him will cause divisions in families and friends.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • What do you think Jesus means when he says he has “a baptism to undergo”?


Weds. Sept 4: Luke 13:1-17

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Not all bad things happen because of someone’s sin – some things are just random, like a tornado. But some bad things do happen because of someone’s sin.  Living a life of repentance helps us not need to worry about what could happen in our lives.
  • Jesus is willing to do what it takes to heal us – even if it means breaking some rules.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • What do you think is more important: a person or an ox? What is Jesus trying to say when he points out that the teachers would take their ox to drink water on the sabbath?


Thurs. Sept 5: Luke 13:18-30

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Getting into heaven requires going through a narrow door. We can’t take the easy path there – that’s the path that many will try to take and Jesus says they won’t be able to enter.
  • But people from all over the world will get in. Heaven is open to everyone who will make the effort to get through the narrow door.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • What does it mean that the last will be first and the first will be last? What does that tell you about how God views people?


Fri. Sept 6: Luke 13:31-35

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Jesus was warned that he would die in Jerusalem. He already knows this and will press on toward his goal.
  • When Jesus talks to Jerusalem, we see him talking as God saying that he’s wanted to protect the city for a long time.

Today’s Talking Topic:

  • Imagine how God felt if every time he sent a prophet to Jerusalem, they wouldn’t listen. Can you think of a time you didn’t listen to your parents and how it made them feel?

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