Did you forget?

Hey, did you know we have a blog?

Apparently, I forgot.

Actually, I didn’t forget, but I did let myself get caught up in the chaos of back to school


Can we all just absolve each other of the things we failed to do during this last month as we tried to get back to routines, recommit to bedtime, buy all kinds of stuff we’re not sure we will use, and start the cycle again? Thanks.

So, here is one important thing I’ve been working on – we just started year two of a six-year elementary Sunday school plan! I feel a bit like a professor creating a syllabus and A LOT like someone who actually plans.

This year our kindergarteners will use last year’s curriculum on Genesis. This will continue as our kindergarten curriculum for years to come as we continue to build a six-year road map through the Bible for our little sponges. First through fifth graders will now dive into the history portion of Scripture. We’ll start with Moses and the Israelites stuck and enslaved in Egypt. (Maybe I’m dense, but it took me a long time to equate Joseph’s brothers’ selling him to nomads who took him to Egypt and the whole “let my people go” portion of the Israelites history. Am I the only one?) We end in Esther, while the Israelites are exiled from the Promised Land and wondering if they’ll ever return. It’s a lot to cover, but we’ll have a great time doing it!

I’m really excited about what we’re teaching our kids. I hope you are too! I’d like to offer up another invitation to join us as we help these kids build a foundation of faith. If you’d like to join us, let me know. We’ll find a place for you!

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