Building On


This Sunday we are reviewing the building blocks of our faith to make sure our preschoolers who are graduating to elementary Sunday school in just a couple weeks understand (on an age-appropriate level) what it means to be a Christian.  So we’ll talk about what it means to follow Jesus, where our Bible stories come from, and what prayer and worship are. Our oldest preschoolers will also have a chance to earn their certificate for knowing the Lord’s Prayer.  It’s kind of a big deal.

We will also be focusing on what it means to be like Jesus and what practical steps kids can take. Anything that can bring their faith into real, everyday life is a good thing.

Our kids are not thinking about it, but we know that most things are learned by following someone’s example. If you want to learn how to write, you watch how someone else writes: how they hold their pencil and form the letters. Next you trace letters that are already written.  Last you copy letters from a different page. It’s the same with how to live our faith.

When people came to Jesus asking him for help, he would always help them. He healed many and fed thousands. He talked to people that no one else would talk to. He loved people that no one else would love. As with learning to write by watching someone write, kids can learn how to love and help others by following Jesus’ example. We will help them understand that although they may not be able to heal the maimed, there are many things that they can do to help others and the best place to start is in our own families.

The main take away from Sunday school should be that being kind to everyone (even the mean kids at school), helping at home, being polite, coming to Sunday school, singing at big church, being patient when waiting for our turn, listening to teachers, sharing toys…..these are all signs of following God. That’s what God wants us to be like. Sometimes it can be hard, really hard. But that’s why God is always there to listen to us. He always, always, always loves us.  And if you are ever nervous or scared or you mess up, just tell God about it.



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