Tongues Of Fire


It’s Pentecost Sunday! The day we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit.

In the last few months our preschoolers learned all about Lent, Easter Sunday and the days that followed. They also talked about heaven and John’s vision of it.

Before Jesus left he had promised the disciples that he would not leave them alone.
He told them not to leave Jerusalem where they were and wait for the gift that God had
promised them. He told them that God would soon baptize them with the Holy Spirit.
Everybody loves to get gifts, but the disciples had no idea how amazing this gift of the Holy Spirit was going to be.

The Holy Spirit gave them the ability to talk in other languages. The Holy Spirit also helped them to understand everything that Jesus had been teaching them. It also gave them power to not be afraid.

Jesus went away to live with God, but he didn’t leave us alone. He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us, guide us and teach us.

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