We’re All Weasels

weasel 1

I am not shy about the fact that I DO NOT like Jacob. I like the name just fine and I can’t think of a Jacob I’ve met that I don’t like, but I don’t like the biblical character Jacob. I don’t think it’s popular to say you don’t like biblical characters, but I can’t help it.

Jacob is a weasel. He cheats his brother, lies to his dad, and shows extreme favoritism between his sons causing all kinds of turmoil. He’s terrible. Don’t you agree?

And yet, this Sunday, as well as 6 others, we’re talking about Jacob. This weasel. This wretch of a man.

Do you know why we’re talking about Jacob for 7 weeks? We’re talking about Jacob extensively because God used him. That weasel. That wretch of a man. God chose him and used him and fulfilled his covenant with Abraham through him. Not only that, but he changed his name to Israel and gave him 12 sons – an unbelievable blessing – and they became the 12 tribes of Israel.

This Sunday, specifically, we talk about the dream where God spoke to Jacob. He gave Jacob a vision of angels walking up and down a ladder from heaven to earth. As if that wasn’t incredible enough, the vision wasn’t just of angels, it was a sign of the coming Savior – Jesus – who wouldn’t come to the earth for centuries. But that night, Jacob not only heard from God, but he saw Jesus.

Jacob may be a weasel, but so am I. I’m terrible in my own ways, but I too can hear from God and see Jesus. So can you and your kids. I hope our series on Jacob makes that abundantly clear.

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