What’s Next?

Because our Easter celebration in Garret Park was so awesome, we thought we’d share some highlights with you!

We had so many friends stop by our MungerKids table and make egg maracas so they could joyfully join in Easter worship.

We handed out hundreds of Family Guides to the Gospel of Mark.  We hope you will find them useful as you continue your daily Bible reading as a family.  If you missed out on picking one up, we have them available in church.


And who can forget the donuts and petting zoo! It was a great day and we are glad you joined us!

Trying to give all of our kids, no matter how small, the opportunity to actively participate and take ownership in the life of the wider church is really important to our MungerKids staff. That is one of the reasons we truly believe in having regular Big Sundays. It is also why we asked children to put together their own offering during Lent.


As we move ahead, please make sure you’re planning on joining us this Wednesday at 6pm for all ages Mark Kick Off.  There will be programming for adults (led by Andrew), elementary aged children (Amanda) and even preschoolers (Denisa). Childcare will be provided for the littlest ones.

And as we move along in our lesson plan, we will have a good look on what it means to be a Christian in every day life. Yesterday, our preschoolers learned about what happened in the days after Easter.  They talked about the Great Commission and what it means for everyone of us.  Little ones often get discouraged by big words and ideas so we worked together on realizing the Great Commission applies to them to and here are five practical tips on how a young child can do.

  1. Invite your friends to church or VBS.
  2. Pray for your friends.
  3. Be a good example.
  4. Tell others about Jesus.
  5. Learn more about Jesus.

Teaching our kids in ways they can understand has real results.  We have one five-year-old little girl at our church who acted on the challenge we were all given and invited her preschool friend to church on Easter. Her friend’s family doesn’t attend a church, but they agreed that their daughter could go with our little Mungarian and her family to the Easter celebration.  And it appears that this will not be the friend’s last visit.

Another mom shared with me yesterday that her family had a hard time getting everything together in the morning and thought about skipping church (no judgment, we’ve all been there). It was their four-year-old daughter who, in true bossy four-year-old fashion, told them that skipping church was not an option.

I’m thankful to God for working through these girls, for giving them the confidence and voice to share the gospel.



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