Taking Responsibility


Welcome to Holy Week! Your children have spent Lent learning the story of Holy Week in Sunday school. They have participated in Palm Sunday and watched an Easter play put on by our youth.  They are so excited about Easter!  But there is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday.  This week’s reading isn’t easy, but is essential to talk about and we hope it leads to some great discussions.  (And if you need a pep talk before diving in, please check out our post on the value of telling our kids the whole story.)

Monday 4/15 – Jesus on Trial

  • The priests were so desperate to find evidence against Jesus and of course there wasn’t any. He didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Finally, two people came forward with lies. Jesus spoke the truth, but the high priests interpreted it as blasphemy. Jesus knew this would happen, but he also knew he had to endure it all to pay the price for us. Jesus was spat on and hit and that was just the beginning of his suffering.
  • Matthew says Peter was there watching it all (from a safe distance). What do you think was going through his head?

Tuesday 4/16 – Before the Rooster Crows

  • Peter walked with Jesus and witnessed firsthand his teaching and miracles. Now he just witnessed Jesus being arrested and put on trial. Jesus tried to tell him this would happen, but it still couldn’t have made it any easier. For Peter, Jesus was not only the Son of God, he was his actual human friend.
  • How heartbreaking it must have been for Peter to deny Jesus, not once but three times in a span of a few short hours. But this story makes it more real and believable to us. Peter was just a man, he was going to go on to endure injustice himself and stand strong in his faith, but here, at this moment, scared, he denied Jesus to save himself.
  • We are lucky enough to live in a place where we don’t face prosecution, but are there other, more ordinary ways you deny Jesus for your own benefit?
  • Also, many places in the world do persecute Christians. Take a moment with your family to pray for people who are hurt or put in jail for no reason except that they love God.

Wednesday 4/17 – Judas’ End 

  • “That’s your responsibility”. Yes, we all need to take a full responsibility for our actions. The prophecy said Jesus was going to be betrayed. But Judas had a choice, nobody forced him to do it.
  • Who are you betraying?

Thursday 4/18 – Maundy Thursday – Pilate  

  • Clearly Jesus was innocent. There were no real charges against him. And Pilate knew it. The crowd could not tell him what Jesus was guilty of. Mob mentality and the pressure to conform is powerful. It’s hard to speak up for the innocent. This should frighten us.
  • We can’t just say we’re not responsible to help others. Just because you “wash your hands” or look away doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility.
  • Talk with your children about times in their everyday lives where they can stand up for their friends? How can they help someone who’s being mocked or bullied or treated unfairly?
  • Come by today to the Stations of the Cross, anytime between noon and 7pm. It’s a come and go at your own pace, hands on experience. It is not only suitable but actually the perfect learning experience for children. What does a crown of thorns feel like? What was the drink Jesus was offered? How heavy is the cross?

Friday 4/19 – Good Friday – Crucifixion

  • Jesus could have saved himself from all of this. Of course he could have! But he knew not his will, but God’s will, had to be done. He did this for us, for you and me. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. Think about that with your kids.  What does that mean to them?
  • Please join us today for a Good Friday service – noon or 7:30pm. It is appropriate for elementary school aged children.  (Childcare nursery through preschool provided.)

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