What choice do we have?


Denisa and I had a lively discussion in my office recently over whether or not Judas had a choice in the matter or whether he was just destined to it – forced, in a way.

Ultimately we decided he very much had a choice. He had choice after choice right up until he kissed Jesus and called him “teacher”.

Ugh. Knife to the gut.

Today is a great opportunity to talk about how sin is a choice and it’s not always an instantaneous choice. We often have choice after choice.

“Oh gosh. I don’t know the answer to this test question. The guy next to me always gets A’s. I bet he knows. I could look at his answer *choice*. Shoot. I couldn’t see it. *choice* Maybe if I pretend to drop my pencil I’ll be able to see it. *choice*”

You see what I’m getting at. And it happens to us too.

“Of course he got the promotion! He’s such a brown nose! *choice* I bet he won’t get the next promotion if the boss ‘accidentally’ finds out he leaves early all the time. *choice* Hey Sally, do you know where Jack is? I wonder if he left early to get his haircut again. *choice*”

Take today’s reading as a chance to address what sin is – anything that is not pleasing or honoring to God. Anything that separates us from God’s perfect plan for us. Maybe even give them a few scenarios that they might face. And, if you’re really brave, you can share a time when you made a poor choice and how you’ve asked God for forgiveness.

Judas had a choice. So do we.

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