A Busy Day Ahead


Today we will recap the Easter story by using our classroom Resurrection Eggs.  It is activity my family has been doing for a while and since children are great visual learners, we thought it would be fun to depart from our usual lesson format. I wrote more about the resurrection eggs here.

We will also practice our Palm Sunday songs Hosanna and I Am.  Last but not least we will learn that on Easter Sunday, when someone says “He Is Risen!” we reply back “He Is Risen Indeed!” And we will learn what that means. So as you can see we have an action packed day at Sunday School.

Most of the time asking your children “what have you learned today at [Sunday] school” results in “nothing” or (in case of Sunday school) “God”. That’s why we try to let you in on the details of what we are learning to give you the opportunity to ask more specific questions.  Try asking these today: “Did you do anything different in class today with eggs?” “What song did you sing?” “I heard you made something special to wear on Palm Sunday?”

Here are the egg contents we are using today in class to help us tell the story of Easter:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.39.39 PM

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