The Door Is Still Open


There are only 25 readings left in Matthew! Good job! It’s okay if you missed some days.  What’s important is that you continue reading with your kids.  We’d love to hear your feedback on how it has worked for your family.

Monday 4/1 – Destruction of the Temple

  • Notice Jesus’ compassion. He doesn’t sugar coat what will happen when the time comes. He himself doesn’t know when, but he does show compassion for his people.
  • False prophets are all around us, in everyday situations. How can you tell someone is a false prophet? How can we prepare ourselves to respond to those false prophets? (Hint: a good knowledge of God’s word is the best defense.)

Tuesday 4/2 – Day and Hour Unknown

  • Only God the Father knows the timing for when “heaven and earth will pass away”. Remember yesterday’s discussion of how to tell a false prophet? How should we react if someone says they know the timing for when the world will end?
  • What does it mean to prepare and keep watch? Some people think it means stockpiling water and canned goods and standing outside with a guard dog. But how does Jesus say we prepare?

Wednesday 4/3 – Ten Virgins

  • Be. Prepared. Here Jesus shows another example of not knowing when “the door closes” and how important – eternally important – it is to be prepared for that day.
  • What foolish stuff do you busy yourself with? Does this remind you of another story? Maybe that one of Mary and Martha?

Thursday 4/4 – Bags of Gold  

  • What has the master (God) entrusted the servant (you) with? Are you faithful and putting it to good use?

Friday 4/5 – Sheep and Goats

  • It’s really great and important to come to church on Sunday mornings, read your Bible every morning and pray every day. But does the rest of your everyday life and everyday conduct reflect your love of Jesus? How you treat everyone (especially less important people) is how you treat Jesus. Can you find an example from this past week/month you wish you could do over? Or is there anything you could use as a positive example?

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