You’re Invited!!!

FILE PHOTO: U.S. evangelist Graham preaches the Gospel to thousands of believers during tonight's meeting at Bercy's Stadium in Paris as part of a worldwide crusade

In 1934, Billy Graham attended a revival where a man named Mordecai Ham (what a name) was preaching the gospel. Billy accepted Christ that evening and went on to become the most prolific evangelist of our time.

Adam Hamilton is the pastor of the largest United Methodist church in the country. He grew up in a home where faith wasn’t important, but at 14, he was invited to church. He always says he doesn’t know why he went because he wasn’t interested in God, he was interested in girls. And there were pretty girls at church, so he stayed.

Our new youth pastor, Rich Roush, came to faith his senior year of high school because he was invited, by some friends, to join a Bible study.

Do you see the pattern here? People so often come to faith because of an invitation. Our church has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years because one person invites another and then they invite someone and so on down the line.

Who is on your son’s soccer team who doesn’t have a church home? Who in your office is struggling with family issues?

This Sunday, in elementary Sunday school, we’re sharing the gospel. I think it will be powerful. I’d love to see your child and their best friend there.

Who invited you to church?

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