Tardy to the Party


I was supposed to post yesterday, but it was my mom and husband’s birthday. I feel like I should get a special pass of some sort. If you disagree, I apologize. If you agree, I knew I always liked you.

So, let’s get started on the reading.

Monday – 3/11:
It’s easy to point a finger of blame at this rich young man. How dare he hold back his stuff when he clearly has so much! But all of us have that thing we would really struggle to give up if Jesus asked. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up?

Tuesday – 3/12:
Just like yesterday, it’s easy to look at the full-day workers and think they’re being selfish. But what if you cleaned a whole room and your brother or sister only helped a little but you got the same reward? Parents, what if the guy who has been underperforming for months and you’ve been pulling up the slack the whole time, gets the same end of year bonus as you? And really, the point of the story is, what if the person you can’t stand and who has wronged you profoundly, also gets eternal life?

Wednesday – 3/13:
We all love rewards, like this woman wanted for her sons. But we often don’t like the hard work or consequences associated with the reward. Can you think of some consequences that might be difficult that would come along with living how Jesus wants us to live?

Thursday – 3/14:
We see a lot of great stories of Jesus healing people in the Gospels. This one has a really special detail. Why does it say Jesus healed the blind men? What would it look like for you to have compassion towards someone?

Friday – 3/15:
This is the story of why we celebrate Palm Sunday. Take a few minutes to reenact what you hear happening in this story.

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