Because You Can’t Stand Last Year’s VBS CD Anymore!

This is the time of year when you’re definitely tired of listening to last year’s VBS CD and it’s still a few months until you get this year’s (though go ahead and register for VBS to assure you get the new one). So, I thought I’d drop this little gem on you for the interim.

I went to a concert this weekend. I don’t do that a lot anymore, though my husband and I went to tons when we were dating – it’s funny how a baby puts a slight (but well worth it) halt on those kinds of things. We were invited by friends to see Drew and Ellie Holcomb. Drew is normally in a band called Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors and Ellie is normally a solo act, but they’re doing a limited tour as a couple. It was great!

Ellie is normally a contemporary Christian artist, but her daughter recently asked her a question out of the blue, as kids do. She said, “Mom, who sang the first song?” Ellie, not knowing how to answer, replied as parents often do, “Well, sweetheart, who do you think it was?” To which her daughter replied, “I don’t know. Dolly Parton?” This makes me like her daughter a lot, but made Ellie think and, as song writers do, write a song and eventually a kids album. I love the song! I’ve played it over and over for my little girl and she loves it too. So go ahead and download, stream, or whatever else the Jetsons taught you to do and get this song going in your minivan. Your kids will love ROARing, BOOMing, and singing along!

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