Shrek and the Parables

I’m sorry I’m late. I’ve always been a freakishly punctual person. This blog post was supposed to go up Monday, but then my baby threw up on Sunday. This, of course, halted all forward progress in the Pedigo house for at least 48 hours. Hopefully you can forgive me – baby vomit and all.

Obviously, since it’s Thursday *cringe*, this post will look a little different than our regular Monday Bible reading posts. I wanted to talk about what the majority of our readings have focused on this week – parables.

Parables are incredible stories that, as Shrek describes ogres, have layers. In fact, parables are a lot like Shrek – the movie, not the ogre. Shrek is clearly a kids movie – it’s animated, it’s about an ogre and a princess and a talking donkey. There’s a castle and magic and bathroom humor. It’s perfect for kids! But then, you’ll notice there are jokes that fly right over the tops of kids’ heads and are clearly meant for mom and dad.

As you finish out this week and throughout the rest of Matthew, (and Mark and Luke for that matter) ask your kids what they notice after you read a parable. What parts of the story do they grab onto? They won’t be wrong. They’ll recognize how scary it would be for a sheep if it got lost and how badly it would want to be found. They’ll recognize how exciting it would be to find money you lost. You’ll notice those parts of the parable as well, but pay attention to what else the parable is trying to tell you. It’s there. I promise.

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