This Week’s Matthew Readings


A week ago, we gave out brand new, shiny red Bibles to 57 3rd graders. It was so sweet to watch them flip through the crisp pages. It was even better this Sunday when some of them came back to church carrying their new Bibles with their names written in them.

I know their excitement over this gift will fade, but I hope their excitement for Scripture itself grows and grows. Take some time to read this week’s gospel readings with your kids (if you have a 3rd grader, use their new Bible instead of the Matthew booklets). The more exposure they have, the more excitement they’ll build.

Monday – I Pick You!

  • Who did Jesus ask to follow him?
  • What was Matthew’s job before he started following Jesus?
  • Tax collectors were the worst of the worst people in Jesus’s time! They were known for stealing and cheating and no one liked them.
  • Without saying names, do you know of people in your life that no one likes?
  • Jesus included the worst of the worst. Who can you include this week?

Tuesday – Healed!

  • Jesus started healing people and raising people from the dead! So cool!
  • Do you know anyone who needs to be healed – of anything from a cold to cancer?
  • Let’s pray for the people we know who need to be healed!


Wednesday – I Can Help!

  • Jesus sent out his 12 disciples to tell people about the kingdom of God.
  • Who are some people you can tell about Jesus?
  • Where are some places in your life that you think Jesus would want you to talk about him?


Thursday – Don’t worry!

  • Reread Matthew 10:28-31
  • What are some things you worry about?
  • Jesus tells us not to worry and reminds us that God cares for us enough to even know the number of hairs on our head.
  • One way to help us stop worrying is to pray and tell God what we’re worried about and ask him to take those worries from us.
  • Pray as a family and let everyone share at least one thing they worry about and ask God to take it from them.


Friday – Going Before You

  • John the Baptist was a very special man. He was a prophet.
  • Look up what the word “prophet” means.
  • Reread Matthew 11:10
  • This verse was first said in Isaiah in the Old Testament and now John the Baptist was doing what it said. He was preparing the way for Jesus.
  • Jesus has already come but we can always prepare our hearts for Jesus.
  • Listen to or sing your favorite hymn together to prepare your hearts for Jesus.

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