Sunday School Recap – Jesus’ first miracle


This week our planned preschool lesson and our daily Bible readings are centered on Jesus’ miracles.

This might become a tricky topic for your children (and for you) to think about as your kids grow older. But our littlest ones usually love these Bible stories because they still have faith the way Jesus calls us to in Matthew 18:2-4.

To quote myself (sorry) “People today have a hard time believing that these miracles really happened. But don’t forget, people who lived with Jesus were shocked by the miracles too. That’s why he had thousands of people following him. But today, we are less willing to admit a miracle even when we see it. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one.” Miracles still happen today around us.

In our Sunday School lesson we’re talking about Jesus performing miracles. They’re kind of like real life magic tricks. But these weren’t tricks at all. These were shocking actions that show Jesus’ amazing power and that He was special and different from everyone else. There are over 30 of them in the Bible.

Today we are specifically talking about Jesus’ first miracle – turning water into wine.

  • When Mary, Jesus’ mother realized the wedding they were attending was running out of wine (which would be embarrassing), she went to Jesus and told Him. She knew He could do special things no one else could. She knew He was the son of God. And she had FAITH in Him.
  • Jesus didn’t want to just show off (actually it took a bit of convincing on Mary’s part for Him to perform the miracle), most of the people there probably didn’t even realize that Jesus performed this miracle.
  • To make our lesson come alive – we’ll be turning water into wine (with the help of grape kool-aid) and make cups out of clay.

One way to explain this story to our little ones is that Jesus cared about the bride and groom and He wanted to help them. What we emphasize to our children in today’s lesson is that Jesus also cares about YOU. He cares about your problems. He wants to help you. He cares when your friends treat you bad or when you are sick. He cares when you get hurt or lose your favorite toy. Ask God to help you when you are hurt or sad, and He will.

And what Jesus wants from you is to have FAITH in Him. Just like Mary did. Having faith means believing in what we don’t see. Faith can make what is impossible possible.

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