Teaching Your Kids to Read…the Bible


Today would have been my grandfather’s 93rd birthday. He came to faith later in life, and, in his later years, served his church faithfully as an usher, photographer, treasurer, and part of the lawn-care team. He also attended worship and a weekly Bible study where he diligently marked up his Bible. Since I worked at a church, he would bring his biblical findings to me. I loved hearing his take on everything and the only thing I requested when he died was his Bible.

I pray that your grandkids will have similar memories of you. Start now with your kids – you can use them as practice.

In an effort to help you get there, here are a few things you can highlight as you read through Matthew with your kids:

Monday – Be Perfect

  • Reread the very last verse of today’s reading: Matthew 5:48.
  • What do you think it means when Jesus tells us to be perfect?
  • The whole passage we read is saying that we are to be perfect – not that we never make mistakes – but that we make every effort to have perfect love.
  • What do you think perfect love looks like?
  • Perfect love is doing whatever is best for that person.
  • How can we show perfect love to: siblings, mom and dad, teachers, friends, etc?

Tuesday – Pray Like This

  • Today’s reading included what we know as “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-13)
  • Say the Lord’s prayer together.
  • Then, as a family, try writing the Lord’s Prayer, line by line, in your own words to assure your kids know what they’re saying.

Wednesday – Treasures that Last

  • We love stuff! But the more stuff we get, the more we want, and the more we worry about keeping it!
  • What are some things that can never be taken away?
  • Things that can never be taken away aren’t things at all! No one can take away our love. No one can take away our good deeds. Etc.
  • Today’s let’s do one thing for someone else that no one can take away! (Come up with that thing together.)

Thursday – My Plank

  • Today we’re going to focus on us! This is not in a selfish way.
  • Instead of looking what is wrong with others, today, let’s think about ways we can improve – how can we be kinder, how can we be more loving, how can we be more grateful?
  • Have everyone share one way they can focus on themselves today.

Friday – Good Gifts

  • The second part of our passage today talks about how our parents, even though they’re not as good or holy as good, want good things for us.
  • Today, share with each of your children what you’d love to see in their faith and future. Let it be a time of encouragement for them as individuals and you as a family.

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