Where Does the Time Go?


When I was a child, I remember hearing grown ups say that time just kept going faster.  Someone would say “where does the time go?”, while I was bored out of my mind watching grass grow.  Or I’d hear an adult say “is it Christmas already?” And I’m thinking “Already? Already?!?  It’s still like 4 more days until Christmas and IT. WILL. NEVER. COME.”  Or my favorite, when I was in elementary school, “It will be here before you know it.”  Really?  Before I know it?  Because every 5 minutes on the clock feels like an eternity, so trust me, I’ll know it!

Anyway, you probably thought I was going to dive in deep with those memories, but I’m not.  That was just my way of sliding into my opening thought – How on earth are we already halfway through the school year and Christmas has come and gone?  Where does the time go???

When I ask my husband a question like that, he always thinks quietly then looks at me and starts chronologically going through all the things that we did during the time I’m concerned about.  It always kind of annoys me (sorry, Greg).  But it also reminds me that the time didn’t just “fly by”, it was meaningful and filled with events and experiences.

So where did the first semester of the 2018/19 school year go at Munger Kids?  Well, it was a very exciting semester because it is the first year that we’ve begun using our new curriculum that we are designing.  We decided last year to stop using premade curriculums so that we could focus on our kids, our needs, our spaces and our goals.  Our goal is that our preschoolers will know the fundamentals of the faith (e.g. scripture, prayer, worship, salvation) and primary stories of the Bible by the time they graduate, and that our elementary students will have a deeper knowledge of the Bible by the time they move on to confirmation in 6th grade.  So far we feel it has been very successful, but we would love to have feedback if you have any!

In the fall semester we started out learning about prayer and worship so that our kids had foundational knowledge about how they can interact with God on their own. Then we moved on to an in-depth study of creation, focusing on God’s power and how God loves his creation and loves each of the children, who are part of his creation.  Then we moved on to some of the primary stories of Genesis – Adam, Noah, Abraham and Joseph.  And through those stories we focused mainly on the concepts of obedience and God’s plan for us.  Finally, in December we learned about the birth of Jesus, which begins the fruition of God’s plan.

So in the spring semester our preschoolers will pick right back up and spend the next few months learning about the life of Jesus, focusing mainly on faith and how Jesus is a role model for our lives.  In class we’ll also learn about Christ’s death and the amazing news of his resurrection.  And all of our kids will feel the power of Christ over death when they celebrate with you during our Easter celebration in Garrett Park on April 21st! (*Our elementary students will continue their study of Genesis in the Spring.)

And then you’ll probably get another post from me wondering where the semester went.

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