Our Christmas Traditions

I LOVE Christmas. The magic, the music, the movies, the treats, the fact that everyone is so much kinder and more joyful.  Above all, I LOVE the traditions. So I asked our staff “what are your family traditions?”  I would love to hear about yours, too!

“My husband and I met in August 2002 and in December of that same year, under the influence of love and the magic of an old-fashioned European Christmas market, we bought our first Christmas ornament together (a little carp). Every year since, we’ve added another ornament.  It’s always a memento from where we lived or traveled to that year. Our children also get to make or pick ornaments that are meaningful to them. And now, 16 Christmases later, our tree tells a story of our lives.”

— Denisa Odegaard


“Since Georgia was only a few days old last Christmas, this is our first Christmas to start building traditions. My favorite thing so far is opening a door on our Advent calendar every night before she goes to bed. I love explaining the significance of the character we find behind the door. I’m sure she’s taking it all in.”

— Amanda Pedigo


“I absolutely love sending out Christmas cards. I always have. I’ve saved every card we’ve sent out as a couple and a family. Each year we get them all out and retell the stories of where we were in our lives during that snapshot in time. It reminds us of God’s grace and His abundant blessings in our lives together. We can’t help but overflow with gratitude.”

— Mary Wilson


“In the Bergman household the Bergman family stocking goes up each year. It was made by Grandma Bergman 48 years ago when she was pregnant with my husband John. When we began having children she gave it to us. Each year as it has faded and tattered it still goes up and some day will be handed down to our children.”

— Becky Bergman


“My 67 year old brother made this star in “shop” class in junior high. It has been on top of every Christmas tree in my life.”

— Kate Miner


“We’ve always had homemade tree decor”

— Rodney Adams


“My family takes one full day to get together and make tamales for Christmas Day”.

— Gerardo Perez


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