The Importance of Prayer

Munger Five Fingers 11 x 17 Poster

This year we are putting a lot of emphasis on prayer. We have already learned what the word means: that it is the way we speak with God. We also discussed when and where we can speak with Him. If there is one specific way. A right or wrong way.

Back in September, our preschoolers created classroom prayer pails. At the beginning of each Sunday school class we sit down and talk about our week. Yes, sometimes we all happen to go on a Disney cruise the same week, but sometimes we talk about real stuff. This is an easy way for children to learn to share and to build a community within the church. We want prayer to become a part of their lives.

If you’re not doing so already, try praying together as a family.  Praying before a meal or during bedtime is the easiest way to start. Talk with your kids about how important it is to pray to God. The most effective way we as parents can show our kids how to talk to God is by doing it ourselves. Sit down together and pray about whatever you feel like. Some examples could be to thank Him for the beautiful weather that allows us to play outside, the yummy meal someone prepared, for cousins who live far away or about the spelling test that’s coming up. Kids say some pretty amazing things during prayers. Allow your child to express himself or herself to God and provide some guidance if needed. This can be a great time for families to spend together growing in faith.

If you want to know just how important I think prayer is for our children, please also check out another story I recently wrote about the importance of practicing prayer, because not knowing how to pray became a reality for one family during the recent California fires.

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