Advent – What it is…and What it is not

When my older sister was a baby, my mom DIYed a cute Advent calendar where there were little charms to hang from nails on a Christmas tree each day of December. It culminated in hanging a small plastic baby Jesus in a manger on the top nail. Every year my sister and I fought over whose turn it was to hang the baby Jesus charm. Clearly we did not get the sentiment.

booze advent calendar

These days, I’m pretty sure the people who created the booze filled Advent calendars (oy!) may have also missed the boat.

So what is the point of Advent? Here’s an official definition, but in general, it is an opportunity for us to anticipate and build excitement for the coming of Christ. An event as incredible as our Savior coming in flesh to the earth can’t be fully celebrated in just one day, there has to be an opportunity for us to prepare our hearts and minds.

Each Sunday of Advent this year, we will post a short devotional for your family to do together to help you prepare. If you don’t already have a family Advent plan, please use these as you build anticipation for Emmanuel – God with us!

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