Welcome to Munger Kids!


Children’s ministry has changed since we were kids. Let me set the scene of a typical children’s Sunday school classroom in the 70s/80s/90s: mismatched tables and chairs with a few children, dressed in their Sunday best, sitting around them. Each of the children, who are basically the same children who are there every week, is sitting fairly quietly, filling out their “leaflet” (think thin paper worksheet – do not think exciting) of the day’s lesson. At some point, the same teacher, who has been teaching that class for 27 years, pulls out her felt board and begins to tell the same story that was on the leaflets. She doesn’t need to look at the Bible or the leaflet because she’s taught this story every year for 27 years.

That is not what children’s ministry looks like today! It is not better or worse. It is just drastically different. Because it is so different, we want to make sure you, as a parent, know what’s going on in Munger Kids, our children’s ministry.

We’ve wrestled for years over how to assure parents know what’s going on in our ministry whether they volunteer or not. Our hope is to partner with you, the primary faith instructor in your child’s life, to assure your child has a faith that lasts far beyond their days in our classrooms.

So here is our best attempt so far. The hope of this blog is to connect with you as we both do our best to raise these kids in the faith.

This is a place where you can ask questions, learn what your kids are learning, think through tough questions, and hopefully learn a few parenting hacks along the way. While we are technically the “experts” in children’s ministry, you are the expert on your child. So let’s team up to assure our kids grow and flourish in their faith.

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